The Mythical Angel like Shinobi Digimon derived from Mythical Ophan and Hotaru in Naruto Series. It is a Shinobi like Angel who defends the Digital World and the Real World from Lucemon (Frontier) and was a Rival of Juubimon. It was an Ancient Enemy of Apocalymon (Adventure).







Special AttacksEdit

Celestial Spear (Heaven no Javalen): Shoots the Rainbow Beam from the Shield Like Rifle that pruifys any Digimon that are Evil.

Grass Long Blade (Kusanagi no Tsurugi): Turns the Shield into a Sword like Rifle to Cut and Stab Enemies.


Kaedemon (Older Brother)

Next FormsEdit




When the Digi-Egg hatches into a Young Yurimon (Founded in the Icy Temple), The Digidestined named Kyoji Katsu needs to take good care of her and when it grows into an Adult after the Kyoji's been a Mother, Kyoji is now her partner forever.

Advancing RumorEdit

It's Starts in the Long time ago, The group of Izumo Villagers called the Gekomon founded the very young adult of Yurimon and was able to feed her some Milkshakes. At that Time, Yurimon ws troubled in the Terrible War between the Human and Beast Type Digimon. Then Lucemon appeared and stop the fighting bringing Peace to the Digital World]]. Soon After Yurimon fought Lucemon (Frontier) so bravely after he was turned into a Tyrant. After Yurimon defeated Lucemon, Yurimon was turned into a DigiEgg.

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