A Mythical Bijuu Digimon that was Derived from the Nine Tailed Fox in Naruto Series. It carries the 2 Sets of Bells around it's Neck. This Digimon brings Chaos and Destruction to the Digital World and the Real World and was one of the Celestial Bijuumon.

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Prior Forms Edit

Kyubimon (Tamers)


Special AttacksEdit

Inferno Dragon Blast (Dragon Beast Ball): Turns the Packs of Fractal Codes into a Charged Particle Ball and Blasts at any Opponent. It takes the form of the Rasengan.

Fiery Serpent Flame (Jamata no Orochi): Uses the 9 Dragon Fire Balls to Destroy everything in it's Path in the Real World and the Digital World. It takes the form of the Yamata no Orochi with its 9 Heads and 8 Tails attached to 1 Body.